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Treasure Madness - Collecting Bonuses

Tue May 4 09:23:49 2010

New changes to Treasure Madness brought upon bonuses that you can collect from your friends... This tutorial will show an easy way to do so.

Hey, all. In my last tutorial on how to work out new health kits in Treasure Madness I've mentioned that Facebook filters did not work for Treasure Madness and I've explained about using Freeder to find health kit requests.

Well, I have some good news. The newest ability to get bonuses from friends' posts aparently enabled the filters. In this article, I'll describe how to utilize those.

Warning: Legacy Page

Before we beging, I'd like to mention that to my knowledge Facebook no longer supports application filters and the link I am about to provide is left-over legacy page; and thus, it has its quirks as it wasn't adapted to newest Facebook changes.

Feed Mode: Most Recent

First of all, you need to ensure that your News Feed mode is set to show "Most Recent" posts. Otherwise, your filter will display old posts and you're likely to miss a lot of bonuses due to them getting stale.

The default News Feed mode is "Top News", so it's likely that you'll need to click the "Most Recent" link for it to show up in black bold, as can be seen here:

Filter Page

Now, we are ready to go to the filter. Follow and bookmark this link: Treasure Madness News Feed filter.

Two things are to note here, and they are those quirks I've mentioned. First, at the very top you're likely to see non-TM posts, don't worry the filter's working. Second, before you start clicking away on bonuses, scroll all the way down and you're likely to see the "Show XXX similar posts" link; click on it:

Now, that we're done with quirks, we can go ahead and collect all the bonuses or send health kits to friends (the later will show up in the filter as well).

To collect bonus/send health kit, right-click on the "Get bonus"/"Send health kit" link and select "Open in a new tab" (or "new window", depending on your browser). Also, depending on your browser, you might also be able to simply middle-click on the link for it to open.

Marking The Trail

Unless you have an amazing memory you'd likely want to mark which bonuses you already collected. Just "Like" the post as you'd do any other Facebook status update/post. The next time you access the filter, you'd know that you already collected the bonus if you "Liked" it.

Note: I would advise you against commenting on these posts. The reason being is that if you simply "Like" the post, the notification will only go to the original author of the post. However, if you comment on the post, the notification will go to all the people who "Liked" the post and will also be emailed to each of them... and that could be a bit annoying.

That's all I have for you. Enjoy!