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Proof That God Created Evolution

Sat Jan 15 22:53:36 2011

Why the war between Creationists and Evolutionists is futile.

Recently, I was dumbfounded during a conversation where I remarked on the process of natural selection, better known to some as the theory of evolution. The person said, "I do not believe in evolution, because I believe in God." My astonishment was not caused by that person's disbelief in natural selection, but rather due to their belief that evolution somehow disproves God.

Here's what I see: one group of people tries to prove natural selection and another group tries to prove that God exists. The problem here – what I don't think either group realizes – is that the two are not mutually exclusive! The theory of natural selection does NOT prove that God doesn't exist, it merely states that Creationists' interpretation of the Scriptures is flawed. In fact, I believe I can prove that evolution was God's idea, and that proof lies on two pillars.

There is Only One God

Even though, there are religions that have multiple deities, I think it is valid for me to say that Creationists hold true the fact that there is only one God, not several. Nod if you agree.

God is Omnipotent

If you are to accept my proof as valid, you must also hold the fact that God is omnipotent, that He is the most powerful being in existence, that His powers are limitless. Nod if you agree.

The Proof That God Created Evolution

If you nodded twice, in agreement with my two assumptions above, I can prove both evolution and God are true; that God created evolution, it was His idea. If I were to describe two beings, I think you would agree that the one that is more powerful and skillful is the true God. If there's only one God, it's preposterous to think that there might be a being mightier than He. With that premise in mind, I shall now describe two beings.

First Being

The first being creates an average planet, near an average star, in an average galaxy, and along it creates billions upon billions of other galaxies, stars and planets – completely devoid of life. On said planet, he creates billions of various creatures. Some variations die, some seemingly need a “tune-up” every once in a while, as well as need to be watched over and guided.

Second Being

The second being creates an incredibly dense and incredibly hot chunk of pure energy. It creates only four simple rules by which, over the course of about 13.7 billion years, that energy evolves into stars, planets and galaxies. Eventually, the tiniest constituents of a planet learn to reproduce themselves, and over the course of few billion years evolve from rudimentary single-cell organisms into incredibly complex beings who are able to read this very sentence. This being anticipated those four basic rules creating such complexity as you and I.

Which One is God?

I believe the second being I describe is much more powerful and insightful than the first one. This becomes much more obvious when you consider how finely tuned the laws of nature are. How improbable it is for carbon to be created, and for that carbon to evolve into us.

Since we agreed God is the most powerful being, I would argue that the second being – the one that created evolution – is the true God.


I believe much of the arguments of God vs. Evolution are ill founded and are nothing but the manifestation of pure ignorance. Evolution does not disprove God. Science does not disprove God. In fact, I believe Science only elucidates how much more powerful than we suspect God truly is.

Evolution only shows our interpretation of the Scriptures is invalid. In fact, if in the story of Genesis you replace word “day” with phrase “time period”, you will notice how perfectly it matches the scientific story of our world's creation.