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Keyboard Shortcuts for Increasing/Decreasing Font Size in Libre Office

Tue Jun 19 04:21:42 2012

How to setup keyboard shortcuts in Libre Office to increase/decrease font size from the keyboard (might work for Open Office too)

The other day I got ticked off by the smallest thing: I wanted to find out what the keyboard shortcut for increasing/decreasing font size in Libre Office is, and a few minutes of googling led me nowhere clear. I decided to post this short write up for someone else (including future me) to avoid the annoyance.

Setup The Shortcuts

To maintain consistency, we'll setup CTRL+] to increase font, and CTRL+[ to decrease it. Here's all you need to know:

  • By default these shortcuts are not setup
  • To set them up:
    1. Go to Tools -> Customize -> Keyboard
    2. In the bottom part of the window, in "Functions", select Format as category (first column) and you'll have Increase Font and Reduce Font available as functions in the middle column.
    3. Click on Increase Font, then find CTRL+] in the list of key combinations (top part of the window) and click Modify button (top, right).
    4. Repeat the same for Reduce Font
    5. Click OK


P.S.: in some forum, I read Libre Office doesn't support keyboard shortcuts for increasing the font in 1-unit divisions... That's all I know, if you find out otherwise, please post a comment.