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Getting Compose Key To Work in Bodhi Linux (And Other Distros)

Sat Apr 14 12:00:09 2012

How I got Compose Key to work on my Bodhi Linux. This should also work on many other Linux distributions.

Bodhi Linux

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Recently, I started rocking on a lightweight Ubuntu fork that uses Enlightenment as the desktop manager—Bodhi Linux. Being a minimal install based on E, I didn't find the usual compose key GUI setup tools, so I had to dig in Bodhi forums, until I came across a thread in which the topic was discussed. On this page, I'll repost the info, mostly for my personal use, but with hope others will find it useful as well.

What's Compose Key?

The Compose Key is a special key that allows you to type complex characters, like •, á, ô, ®, etc. For example, holding the compose key while typing '.' and '=' makes a bullet: •. You can look up compose key sequences in a table.

This tutorial will setup right Win key as the compose key.

Do It!

  1. Pop open file /etc/default/console-setup in your favorite editor:
    sudo pico /etc/default/console-setup
  2. Locate the line that reads XKBOPTIONS="", we're going to edit its value. (If you don't have it at all, you can always add it). Mine was at the end of the file.
  3. Change XKBOPTIONS="" to:
  4. Reboot or restart X, right Win key is now your compose key.

Easy as pie!