A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Answers to Unanswerable Questions

Sat Sep 29 12:42:59 2012

My musings on the supposedly unanswerable questions and logical paradoxes.


Thu Sep 20 20:12:18 2012

An alien named Tommy crash lands on Earth and happily discovers intelligent species on the planet. His felicity abates as he discovers the truth about the human race.

It's Impossible To Be Smart (or Dumb)

Mon Sep 17 19:58:02 2012

Some musings about how it's impossible for an individual to be either "smart" or "dumb."

The Squirrels

Thu Sep 13 21:39:29 2012

Just something that came to mind while I was reading in the backyard.

How To Enable Firefox To Run JavaScript From Location Bar

Fri Jul 20 16:48:41 2012

How to undo the new "feature" in Firefox that disallows most JavaScript run from the location bar.

Blind Competition Kills Good Software

Wed Jul 4 16:46:45 2012

A rant about decaying software progress.


Sat Jun 23 11:01:01 2012


Keyboard Shortcuts for Increasing/Decreasing Font Size in Libre Office

Tue Jun 19 04:21:42 2012

How to setup keyboard shortcuts in Libre Office to increase/decrease font size from the keyboard (might work for Open Office too)


Sun Jun 10 20:27:53 2012

Is your existence useful?

Ward 17

Sat Jun 9 23:13:16 2012

A child in a mental hospital...

Getting Compose Key To Work in Bodhi Linux (And Other Distros)

Sat Apr 14 12:00:09 2012

How I got Compose Key to work on my Bodhi Linux. This should also work on many other Linux distributions.

Installing Benq SZW 4300U Scanner on Ubuntu

Sat Sep 3 17:04:05 2011

Explanation on how to get Benq SZW 4300U scanner working in Ubuntu

How to Survive on $398.03 for 33 Days And Buy a Keyboard Piano

Sat Jul 30 18:11:42 2011

Saving up for my piano.

Proof That God Created Evolution

Sat Jan 15 22:53:36 2011

Why the war between Creationists and Evolutionists is futile.

How to Survive on $111 For 45 Days

Sat Jan 15 18:43:49 2011

How far can you stretch when it comes to limited resources and survival?

Preprocessed Food Reviews

Sun Sep 5 14:13:54 2010

Brief reviews of the preprocessed foods I had pleasure and disgust of eating

Recipe - Undercover Cod

Tue May 4 22:12:59 2010

Fried fish with a twist.

Treasure Madness - Collecting Bonuses

Tue May 4 09:23:49 2010

New changes to Treasure Madness brought upon bonuses that you can collect from your friends... This tutorial will show an easy way to do so.

Treasure Madness - How to Deal With New Way to Send Healthkits

Sat May 1 11:19:56 2010

Several solutions to make adaptation to the new way to send health kits easier.

Gimp Tutorial - Reflections of Non-Flat Objects

Tue Apr 27 20:12:30 2010

Instructions on how to create reflections for objects that aren't completely flat.